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Legislative accomplishments include:

Bipartisan bills on fishing, hunting, and resource preservation, including the Saltwater
Fishing License;

Bipartisan bills to helping municipalities fund employee benefits;

Bipartisan bills on historic preservation—the New Hampshire Register of Historic Sites;
burying ground restoration; restoring the LaFayette Posts to the State House;

Bipartisan bill to establish the New Hampshire Commission on Native American Affairs;

Bipartisan bill to establish New Hampshire History Week, the third week in October.

David has fought hard for the Democratic values of work, community, and equality by
helping to pass bills to improve the economy, fund education, protect collective bargaining
rights, defend women’s healthcare and choice, and to ensure marriage equality.

Recent legislative concerns include work on climate change adaptation, including
potential sea-level rise, supporting Dover and other communities around the Great Bay to find
a reasonable solution to wastewater treatment, and restoring funding for school building aid,
bridges and roads, and the University System of New Hampshire.

This year, David and the Democratic Caucus has pushed back against the Republican
assault on working people and middle-class families, women’s access to contraceptives, the
Department of Cultural Resources and the State Council on the Arts, and our public schools.